The Dogwood - Austin

The Dogwood is an Austin "homegrown" concept with a small touch of southern
hospitality. Being from the south, as well as the Dogwood being our
grandmother's favorite tree, we figured the iconic tree would be a perfect logo
to showcase our "outdoor entertaining" concept throughout the bar. Natural
stones and woods run throughout the spacious 3500 square foot interior and
brings you through floor to ceiling walk-throughs into a gorgeous 3500 square
foot patio.

The Dogwood is a chance for us to "give back" just a bit by
showcasing one of Austin's first organic drink menu as well as featuring an
entire menu of your favorite local brews. Check out the Tru Liquor bio to see
how you have helped plant a tree for every drink you buy. 90% of our materials
used for construction was recycled material from the existing buildings demo
phase as well. We don't claim to be "green" but every little bit helps.

There are several cool features of The Dogwood that separates us from the average bar. We have a huge stage ready for live entertainment or
presentations, as well as state of the art audio and visual equipment pre wired for any event. Not to mention, our 11 flat screens and 108" high definition
projector makes The Dogwood a perfect place for game day as well as any and all sporting events. I highly recommend an ice cold Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka
poured straight from the ice tap while kicked back on the patio as well.

Bottom line, we are just simple people looking to simply show everyone a good
time. Throw on some flip flops, or even your favorite cocktail dress, and come
check us out.

Contact Information

Address715 West 6th Street
Downtown, Austin, TX 78701



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