Beso Cantina - Austin

Beso Cantina is the newest gift to the Austin nightclub scene. After fifteen years behind the bar of Austin's hottest clubs, the new owners of Beso Cantina have learned what makes the Austin downtown scene great and it shows in every detail of their bar. Taking its name from the Spanish word for kiss, this beauty bar, near the corner of 5th and Guadalupe, is bringing sexy back to the Austin Warehouse District. With a theme adopted from the Alley of the Kiss in San Miguel, Beso Cantina's Mexican colonial d├ęcor and the warm glow of the red lights create a sultry backdrop to its diverse crowds. Whether socializing in the indoor smoking lounge, burning up the dance floor or relaxing at the upstairs bar, one visit will show you why Beso Cantina is Austin's premier place to party.


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