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Fadó is an Irish term meaning 'long ago'. At Fadó we are telling the tale of Ireland's rich and celebrated Pub culture - a culture of hearty food and drink, good music, warm hospitality and friendly banter. In the tradition of Irish Pubs today and long ago, it's the Irish spirit that makes a Fadó.

Fadó Austin tells the story of Ireland's rich and celebrated pub culture throughout its design. A stroll around Fadó is like a walk through Irish Pub history where four different designs are subtly together, each featuring its own special ambiance.

The Irish Country Cottage Pub

The design for this pub derives from the traditional stone-built style of an Irish country home, many of which were so welcoming and hospitable that over the years they simply became accepted as the local pub.

The Traditional Gaelic Shop

Often a grocer or hardware shop would double as a pub. Customers in town fetching provisions would tend to take a pint of beer or a small "slurp" along to help them through the day. The environment usually consisted of simple wooden tables and benches, a pot bellied stove and wooden floors worn smooth by years of shuffling shoe traffic.

The Irish Pub
The Irish pub captures the character of the Irish people, well known for their dedication to merrymaking, music and craftsmanship through the centuries. The roughhewn doors, furniture and bar counters give a natural feel to the interior.
The Victorian Dublin Pub
With its attention to ornate detail and insistence on quality craftsmanship, the Victorian style pub, often found in Dublin, harks back to the good old days of comfort, hospitality and enjoyment. The interior was usually lavish with much use made of beveled mirrors and stained glass, elaborate tiling and decorative brass.

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