Pacha - New York

Pacha - Pacha, meet America. America, meet Pacha. If you're up on your Wild On!, you'll recognize the name. It's the clubbing franchise that dominates Europe. With over 25 mega-clubs, Pacha is known for killer DJ sets, a ridiculously gorgeous clientele, and the kind of drunken hedonism that makes you wish you were single. There's a Pacha in Ibiza. One in Barcelona. Branches in London, Madrid, Munich. You name it. How big is Pacha? The brand has a frikkin' magazine, for God's sake. And now there's a Pacha in the U.S. With Resident DJ Erick Morillo (also a part-owner) leading the charge, Pacha delivers on an old school, dance 'til you drop, hard-core clubbing experience. With four levels, plenty of VIP rooms, girls dancing in showers, and an All-Star lineup of DJs, it has quickly become an anchor of New York nightlife.

Name: Pacha
Address: 618 W 46th St
City, State: New York, NY
Zip: 10036
Telephone: 212-209-7500


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