Done Deal - Everyone's Signed for Season Four of Jersey Shore! [News]

The hold-outs must've gotten what they wanted - which may or may not have included a spin-off all their own.

After weeks of negotiations, MTV has officially announced that ALL of the guidos and guidettes have signed on for the fourth season of The Jersey Shore.

Chris Linn, MTV's VP of programming and head of production, confirmed the news this morning and insisted that despite reports to the contrary, the show is "on schedule" to start filming in Italy soon as producers are working on finalizing the housing accommodations for the cast.

What bars in Italy do you think they will visit? And Italian women!? The guys will probably all fall in love with some beautiful Italian women... ehh probably not but for sure hook-up with some!

Italy, here they come! Prepare yourselves! (And stock up on vodka!)


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