Partying with Diddy isn't cheap! [News]

On April 22, the Diddy Dirty Money tour heads to the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, and Manhattan clubs want to host that after-party!
Diddy's not making it easy on them, though, and he wants as much as $45,000 to host his own afterparty AND he wants $25,000 of that fee payable to him as soon as he signs a deal with whatever venue can afford him.
Here's what a major nightlife promoter in NYC had to say about Diddy's demands:
"It's unlikely that [a club] in New York would pay that amount. For that amount of money, Vegas makes sense. That's normal for Vegas. New York doesn't work like that."

Apparently, there WAS a place that was willing to pay up in West Orange, NJ, but Diddy bailed on them when he heard the venue wasn't in NYC.

Hey, what's wrong with Jersey, Diddy? We know some shore-loving folks who would take offense to that!
Oh, and aside from the $$$, here are some of Diddy's other afterparty demands:
-One waitress assigned ONLY to him and his "posse"
-12 bottles of Ciroc vodka, 10 bottle of Mo√ęt rose Champagne, 2 bottles of Patron Platinum, 5 bottles of Hypnotiq
-Ice that "must be clean"

You're high maintenance, Diddy! Good luck finding an NYC venue that's gonna go for all of that!
Do U think any NYC clubs will meet Diddy's demands?


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