Mike Posner Preforms at Pure - Las Vegas [Photos]

Mike Posner preforms at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

PURE Nightclub played host to another highly anticipated performance, this time by Mike Posner. The 23 year old began his set with "Please Don’t Go" one of his hit singles from his solo album 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Reveling with his fans as he sang live inside the mega club, the dynamic artist held his microphone out into the crowd as the fans sang back a favorite “Cooler Than Me” effortlessly. Following his performance Posner and his friends made their way to their VIP cabana that was located atop of the nightclub on the Terrace. He and his entourage were seen drinking and dancing until the early hours of the morning as the enjoyed the fabulous Las Vegas warm weather. Photography by SCOTT BERRY SIXEIGHTSTUDIOS


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