Bruins Bar Tab $156,679.74! [News]

The party continued over the weekend for the Stanley Cup champion Bruins, who tore it up at Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., Saturday night.
When all was said and done, the Black and Gold racked up a four-hour bar tab that totaled $156,679.74, which included the now-famous $100,000.00 bottle of Ace of Spades "Midas" champagne, and a built-in tip of $24,869.80 for Danielle (the server whose name is on top of the tab below), which we imagine she had to split up with a few other servers at Shrine. And our guess is the Bruins may not have noticed the built-in tip, and threw in a larger gratuity when the bill was paid.
Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton, speaking on sports radio 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger and Massarotti show today, said someone was kind enough to pay the $100K for the Ace of Spades bottle, and that Shrine owners Ed Kane, Joe Kane, and Randy Greenstein were also very generous and helped out with the tab.
"If the people want to take credit for who took care of it [the bar tab], they can, but that wasn't all us," Thornton said on Felger and Mazz. "The champagne was a gift from somebody, so that's out the window before it even starts, it was a very generous gift and it wasn't necessary but it was very nice of them and then obviously the people at Shrine, Ed Kane and Randy, they helped us a lot with the bill, too, and Foxwoods really took care of us, setting up the rooms and all that stuff, too.
"There's no doubt about it. We partied like we won the Stanley Cup but it wasn't like Mr. Chara and his $7.6 million just pulled out the black card and said 'Here, it's on me,' so it wasn't as bad as it sounds."
The 30-liter "Midas" bottle, which is one of six in existence, was double the size of the 15-liter Ace of Spades brut that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban purchased for his team after its NBA championship just over a week ago.
Some other highlights on the Bruins tab from Shrine included 35 Jager Bombs totaling $525, 3 bottles of Captain Morgan at $300 each, 9 bottles of Goose MG at $600 a pop, 136 Bud Lights... and in case anyone was dehydrated, 67 bottles of Fiji water totaling $268.
Thornton didn't think the 136 bottles of Bud Light was a lot of beer for the occasion.
"That's not that many though, I thought that was kind of low," Thornton said. "We had 30 guys down there with us, that's like four beers a guy, that's nothing... hey, we won the Stanley Cup, if you're ever going to do it, all I hear about is how hard the guys from '72 went, we had to live up to those expectations."
Marchand gets his groove on at Shrine on Saturday night
Courtesy of Elevate Communications
Brad Marchand gets his groove on at Shrine on Saturday night.
The Globe's Names column filed this report on the festivities: "Before anyone could sample the champagne, it had to be opened — and that proved difficult. Zdeno Chara tried, but the 6-foot-9 defenseman couldn’t do it. Finally, after a few failed attempts, the cork was removed, and the champagne was poured into the Stanley Cup. Their thirst still not quenched, Chara, Shawn Thornton, and the rest of the Bruins then lifted the Cup to their mouths.
"Chara, wearing jeans and an Ed Hardy T-shirt, can actually dance, but no one kicked it like Brad Marchand and rookie Tyler Seguin, who spent much of the night on top of the bar, shirtless, and spritzing the crowd with champagne. They were occasionally joined by teammates, some of whom seemed to be using these postseason parties to perfect their Dougie, the dance made famous by Lil’ Wil. Even the team’s oldest player, 43-year-old Mark Recchi, jumped up on the bar and busted a move."
The "Midas" bottle, which was signed by every Bruins team member in attendance, will be on display at High Rollers at Foxwoods and will be raffled off at a later date to benefit the Bruins foundation.


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