Do You Party Like a Rokk Star? [Vodka Review]


Recently we had the pleasure of receiving some vodka from the awesome people at Rokk Vodka. Now to be very honest, we never really thought anything about this vodka before. Every time we go out and get bottle service for the MyBarHeaven crew or order vodka mixed into our usual beverage choices, Rokk never came to mind. We've seen the You Tube videos from Adam Samberg and The Lonely Island, and think they're hilarious just as the rest of their work. After receiving the vodka from Rokk, we waited for the weekend to roll around to give it a try. Well, good thing we waited.. The vodka is very smooth, so consequently it went down a lot faster, and a lot easier. We happen to use the vodka as mixer with club soda, garnished with a lemon twist; the official name for the drink is called a "Citrus Ice Rokk". The drink was very smooth and seemed to be the crowd favorite. Rokk Vodka also comes in 4 other flavors as well, apple, citrus, orange, and raspberry. We are definitely going to keep drinking Rokk, and responsibly of course. Here are some awesome recipes for delicious Rokk drinks that we will be trying out for weeks to come. Become a Rokk Star and try some Rokk!

About Rokk:
(Swedish: Rökstenen) is the most famous runestone in Sweden, featuring the longest known runic inscription. It is considered the first piece of written Swedish Literature and therefore marks the beginning of recorded history in Sweden.

RÖKK is made with clean water from glacial sources in Kalby, Sweden - the picturesque countryside five hours west of Stockholm. The spring is adjacent to the distillery and is renowned for its ultra-crisp, clean water.

After distillation, RÖKK Vodka is brought to sub-zero temperatures and then filtered through frozen charcoal to remove impurities that cannot be removed using traditional filtration processes.

Freeze Filtration raises the PH levels, reducing acidity, and giving RÖKK its unmistakable smoothness. (RÖKK is the only premium Nordic vodka that is freeze-filtered for exceptional smoothness.

After receiving the package from Rokk we did a photoshoot for the bottles. ;)


***Disclaimer: ONLY drink Rokk Vodka if you're 21 and up, and are a certified Rokk Star.


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