Pete Tong drops Molly by Cedric Gervais on BBC Radio [MUSIC]

 Pete Tong drops Molly by Cedric Gervais on BBC Radio

The much anticipated track "Molly" by Miami resident Cedric Gervais is set to be released along with the video on April 28th at LIV Miami. Cedric has been holding on to this song for over 6 months now and has built up a movie-release like hype. Check the trailer here. We at MyBarHeaven (as well as several thousand other people) have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. This is the first full release of the song (tagged of course) but nonetheless it gives you a look into what to expect from Cedric next month and in years to come. This song will definitely be the summer anthem and will propel Cedric to the forefront of the EDM charts. Make sure to check back with MyBarHeaven for the latest on Molly and other EDM news.

Want to know who the real "Molly" is? Click here.

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