New Bar Alert: Swift's Attic Downtown Austin, Texas [NEWS]

The much anticipated Swift's Attic, downtown Austin, is located right above the Elephant Room in the Swift building at 315 Congress Ave. The kitchen vision is lead by, Mat Clouser which will be serving small plates. Recently Clouser told Eater, he envisions the experience to be luxurious and unique but with more of a traditional experience. 

"Our goal is to have a relaxed, ebullient atmosphere, to put people at ease, and to offer food, drink, and service with the same warmth and pace that we would at our own homes- plates coming and going, chatting, drinking, laughing, etc. The food is highly comprised of dishes that reflect my own idiosyncrasies, and there are many nods to my former employers, family, and mentors. I think it's going to have wide appeal, and it is both challenging and approachable at the same time-a real cook's kind of a menu. I am proud to present it, and honestly feel it is a sound reflection of who I am as a man and chef."

Were are excited to visit Swift. Great things are buzzing about this place! 


TABC Certification Texas said...

The food and arrangement looks really nice and making more curious to go and taste the food as well as the hospitality, so looking ahead for coming weekend........

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