Sandwich flavored vodka? - Vincent Van Gogh PB & J Vodka [NEWS]

Granted, it's probably not the first kind of sandwich that comes to your mind, but a sandwich flavored vodka sounds gross regardless!
So what's the flavor??
We have never (and still haven't) ever wondered why our vodka continues to not taste like PB&J.
That doesn't matter to Van Gogh vodkas, though, because they want to take an american classic sandwich and make it a drinkable part of that night you can't remember!
Which means they're totally not listening to people not wanting this at all, and just looking at the fact that the average 25 year-old has already consumed at least 1,500 of that variety of sandwich.
That's an incredible fact, but hey, who eats that many sandwiches and doesn't get a little tired of it afterwards??
Do U wanna try this??

Have you had this vodka before?


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