Rusko beef on Twitter With Houston venue Stereo Live [NEWS]

Rusko turns to Twitter to vent about "unprofessional useless c*nts", after a technical issue at an event last night in Houston at Stereo Live. If you ask me, or anyone else; I don't really think turning to Twitter to vent your issues about something that happened business wise needs to be on a social network. But then again, this is the trend we are starting to see. Apparently the sound guy messed up, or there was a sound issue so he decided to curse at him and the rest of the event promoters. Soon thereafter, Rusko continued with his performance even keeping his set going after his set time was over in a childish rebellion sort of way, to show he was really boss... To many of his supporters, they sided with him, but to many who supported him, now shed a different light on the dub-step artist. What are your thoughts? Did Rusko handle this in the right way?

More Twitter rage from the dub step artist... body bag huh? lol


Anonymous said...

Yea the quote came from a song, but he used that track out of context! sounds like he is trying to be a tough guy! Although I do agree on being upset if something goes wrong at a show, but I would not be negative about the situation. I would flip that shit into positive and stage dive or something crazy! Apparently he fell off stage the next night... karma?

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