10 Things Not To Miss In Vegas

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It's no secret that Las Vegas is one of the most glamorous travel destinations, not just in the United States, but in the entire world. 
Unfortunately, the reputation of this neon adult playground has been so widely spread for so long that most people only have a vague understanding of what one actually does on a trip to visit: gamble, catch a show, cruise the strip, etc. But where are the actual specifics? 

The truth is, Vegas is home to nearly unlimited spectacles and activities. But here are 10 you truly don't want to miss on your visit.

1. Play Cards

Note that the advice isn't just "gamble." You can play slots anywhere. In Vegas, the real thrill is sitting at a card table in a world-famous casino. Just don't put too much cash down unless you know what you're doing!

2. Take In The Bellagio Fountains

Remember that closing scene from Ocean's 11, with the whole gang watching those spectacular Bellagio fountains? Even if you haven't pulled off a multi-million dollar heist, there aren't many better ways to end a night.

3. Eat Breakfast At The Wynn

Oddly, Vegas is known for its breakfast buffets, and as noted by the New York Times, The Wynn offers the best of them.

4. Ride The NY, NY Roller Coaster

It's not the greatest coaster in the world, but it's an interesting way to tour a popular Vegas resort. The New York, New York looks a bit like a giant stage set of New York City, and it's fun to go rumbling through it in the air.

5. Catch Cirque du Soleil

There are always shows, and Zarkana at ARIA may be the best of them. Dark, surreal, acrobatically incredible and borderline impossible, Zarkana is an amazing experience.

6. Party At The Pool

Pool parties can be lame, but if you find the right pool on the right day, you're in for a great time. Try Mandalay Bay's Moorea Beach Club, which is one of the more reliable options. 

7. Check Out The Club Scene

Vegas is a party 24 hours a day, but if you don't at last check out a popular night club, you haven't done the trip justice. Generally, each of the major casinos has a club worth visiting: The Venetian's "Tao," and "Tabu" at MGM are a few examples.

8. Catch An Event

If you're lucky, there will be a particular event in town when you visit. Whether it's a boxing match or a concert, Vegas show events are always spectacular.

9. Sample A World Class Chef

There are plenty to choose from in Vegas, or at least plenty of restaurants run by world class chefs. For example, try Gordon Ramsay Steak, newly open at Paris.

10. Cruise The Strip

Okay, so we mentioned this as a vague idea - but do make sure you get some time simply walking the strip at night. You'll see some strange and remarkable things.

Josh Moore is a freelance writer and blog contributor. He covers various topics related to travel and leisure.


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