Bronx Bar - Houston

  • The Legendary Bronx Bar is back and looking to make history once again! The Bronx Bar has been in Houston for a decade and is well known as a Houston Hot Spot. Well, all the same people that have made the magic happen are doing it again and going for a Triple Threat!

    Everyone knows about our Rice Village location, The Bronx Bar that started it all! NOW, coming to you live and in living color we have expanded to the Galleria. The Bronx Bar Galleria has an urban, fresh look but with that same neighborhood feel that has made us INFAMOUS.

    The third times the charm! We have just recently expanded yet again to our Washington St. location. That's right! Three times the fun, three times the laughs and three times the drinks! We here at The Bronx Bar take pride in welcoming our customers, whom we consider friends to our laid back, friendly and inviting atmosphere.

    We want your experience at The Bronx Bar to be fun & relaxing, whether you're coming straight from work to melt stress away or if you're going out for a night on the town with your friends. Come out and join the vibe at any of our Bronx Bar locations, it's not just a place to be seen, it's THE place to be known.

Mobile Phone1 713.835.2102
Other Phone1 713.520.9691

Address5555 Morningside Dr [Rice Village]; 2670 Sage Dr [Galleria]; Washington St
Houston, TX



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