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Basic Info
Current City:Houston, Texas
Hometown:Houston, Texas

BioTwo major incidents occurred in Houston, Texas in August of 1983; hurricane Elisha whirled its mighty winds through downtown Houston and Rich's opened its doors as the first and only mega-club of its kind that H-town had ever seen!
Originally built in 1949, the unassuming, two story, limestone warehouse building in midtown Houston was home to the Richland Fan Company, a manufacturer of stainless steel cooling fans utilized by all Houston Independent School District schools (no a/c back then), hence the name Rich's. Then, in the 1970s, the building succumbed to the same emptiness and decay that affected many buildings in that warehouse district and remained vacant for many years. In 1980, several investors got together and discussed the possibility of building one of the most technologically advanced, sensory captivating and mind blowing nightclub experiences in the Southern United States. The building was obtained and after three years in construction, Rich's was born!
Then, as now, Rich's was a destination club...a place where you wanted to end up to party the night away! In 1983 until recently, Rich's was the only inhabited building in midtown, with crowds standing in long lines for the opportunity to experience what was then...and continues to be...the center of nightlife in Houston for all club goers. Also, then as now, Rich's brought in the finest talent for the clubbers to talk about long after the event...celebrities such as Barbara Striesand, The Pointer Sisters, Patti LaBelle, Lisa Minelli, Madonna, Grace Jones, Boy George, Dave Navarro, Jenna Jameson, Tito Ortiz, Cher, Pet Shop Boys, Cyndi Lauper, Kristine W, DePeche Mode, and many others...and the DJ talent was the finest to be obtained...Abel, Junior Vasquez, Tiesto, John Digweed, Paul Okenfold, Ferry Corsten, Bad Boy Bill, Danny Teneglia, Victor Calderone, Peter Rauhoffer, etc...and many more too numerous to mention - all sold out events.
Today, Rich's stands as one of the most technologically advanced, premier mega clubs in the United States, offering only the finest in sound (Martin Audio, London and EAW Avalon) and lighting systems (High End Systems, Robe Italy, Clay Paky) available, personal customer service and security to ensure that every aspect of your sensory experience is nothing less than exceptional. Rich's offers the most technology per square inch than any other nightclub in Texas!
Then and now, many clubs have tried to duplicate the Rich's experience...none come close, and we are proud of that fact, and remain relentless.
The party will always continue!

Mobile Phone1 713.759.9606

Address2401 San Jacinto
Houston, TX 77002



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