International Beer Day: 8 Social Websites for Brew Lovers

That’s right beer lovers, August 5 will now and forevermore be known as International Beer Day. If you thought all your hops loving had to take place offline, think again.
International Beer Day started in 2007 when Jesse Avshalomov persuaded his local bar to celebrate. The following year, the site’s celebratory mission had spread to England and South Africa. The site now encourages beer lovers to plan their own events or join a group. 
We’ve decided to celebrate responsibly as well — at least during work hours — by compiling the best web apps for beer lovers. Some allow you to check in at bars and post beer brags to your friends. Others host educational forums and home brewing tips for the serious ale aficionado. All in all, these apps provide great opportunities to hone your beer knowledge and celebrate the day properly.
According to these sites, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

Although Untappd revolve's around strong mobile app activity, it's web presence is just as engaging. A feed called "The Pub" lists where beer fans are drinking. User's are free to check into bars and rate beers to contribute to a trending beer list.

2. Brewgene

3. Taplister

4. Pintley

5. BeerCloud

5. RateBeer

7. The Full Pint

8. Beer Advocate

source: mashable


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