Jay-Z Takes Over LIV Nightclub, Spends $250K on Bottles [News]

Mark Cuban, business mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, once spent $110K at Club LIV in Miami. Last night, Jay-Z shattered that record by allegedly racking up a tab of $250K.
The gold Ace Of Spades bottles were flowing freely at the Watch The Throne release party, which reportedly cost hundreds of dollars and hours in line just to enter. Kanye was in Europe and couldn't attend, but Hov made up for it by spending an absurd amount and even copping one of those massive 15 liter bottles at one point.
DJ ClueStevie J and Don P supplied music for the event, and insiders said that VIP treatment for the night was going for $20K. You probably won't see many pictures of Jay from the night, because he didn't perform and apparently wasn't posing for snapshots, but we do have some photos of those metallic bottles. 
-source: complex mag


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