Rusko vs. The State of Texas | Dallas [NEWS]

The State of Texas

Dubstep star Rusko has had a rough time in Texas the past two nights. We reported to you that on Tuesday night Rusko took to his Twitter to publicly bash the people at Stereo Live and Houston itself. That article can be found here. Last night at his Dallas show, Rusko had to be taken out of Palladium Ballroom in a stretcher for falling off the stage. He posted two pictures of him in the stretcher (see below) and then wrote: I'm fine though! Nothing broken :) Thank you Dallas! Off to Austin!!! POW POW POW. It appears that old Rusko isn't handling the great state of Texas too well. Maybe we're just warming him up to that good ol' country lovin'! At any rate, catch Rusko tonight in Austin at Emo's East.


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